Continuous Training & Development

We share our workplace with the public and with that comes a responsibility to safety excellence and environmental sustainability. Our focus is on continuous improvement.

On The Road

At Grace Road Lines Ltd., safety, both on and off the road, is given top priority. Our driving personnel meet and exceed industry standards. Grace Road Lines Ltd. has a rigorous in-house selection and training process in which prospective drivers must participate. To be considered for the Grace Road Lines Ltd. team, candidates must not only possess the necessary commercial driving qualifications but must also pass our own rigorous road and knowledge test. Newly hired drivers then apprentice with an experienced Grace Road Lines Ltd. professional driver before they go out on their own.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our safety department vigilantly monitors on-road performance via on-board monitoring systems and other modern technology. Grace Road Lines Ltd. tracks vital driving statistics such as speed, braking, shifting, idling and time working.

Public Safety

As a carrier that handles specialized commodities, we recognize the potential impact of our operations. Grace Road Lines Ltd.’s team of safety specialists maintain a constant state of preparedness and are ready to roll out exhaustive, state-of-the-art emergency response and recovery procedures. We partner with outside emergency organizations and fully embrace scrutiny from regulatory agencies.

Our in-house safety specialists continuously monitor and update our emergency response plans and have specialized equipment to assist at the scene. Our on-road personnel have either emergency first responder training or are certified as Highway Emergency Response Specialists. All staff involved in the handling of specialized commodities undergo exhaustive training and routinely participate in emergency response simulation exercises.

Maintaining the trust we have earned from our customers and the community is not something we take lightly. Our customers, some of North America’s leading shippers, demand nothing less.